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Inactive Member Accounts & Termination of Membership
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Ebates Canada Inc. 'Big Fat Cheque Twitter Contest' - Official Rules

Ebates Canada Cash Back Shopping Program

Ebates.ca ("Ebates") offers a service that allows members to earn Cash Back on purchases made at over 500 stores. Joining and using Ebates Canada is free and simple, requiring only your email address and a password to get started. Ebates Canada does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties, and Ebates Canada does not 'spam' its members. Ebates Canada does not install or require you to install software on your computer. In other words, there is no 'catch'. Ebates Canada receives a fee for referring buyers to affiliated stores and uses that fee to pay members Cash Back on their purchases (over $100,000,000 so far).

Please read this complete member agreement ("Agreement") for full details on the Ebates Canada Cash Back Shopping Program ("Program"). We think you will agree that Ebates Canada offers the smartest way to shop online or in-store.

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Becoming a Member

By enrolling as a member in the Program ("Member"), or by utilizing any of Ebates Canada's shopping applications ("Applications"), you agree to be bound by this Agreement. Enrollment as a Member is simple: you must provide an email address so Ebates Canada can inform you when money or other rewards are credited to your account. Members must be at least eighteen years old and agree not to use the Program for any illegal or fraudulent activity. Please be aware that participation in the Program and the opportunity to earn Cash Back are offered at the sole discretion of Ebates Canada, and Ebates Canada has the right to change this Agreement in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice.

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Earning Cash Back

Earning back a portion of your purchases as Cash Back ("Cash Back") is straightforward. Choose a store, product, coupon or other offer displayed on Ebates.ca or an Ebates Canada application, click the accompanying shopping link to be directed to an affiliated store's website ("Affiliate Store"), and complete a purchase to earn Cash Back on your net purchase amount. Specific Cash Back amounts vary by store and product category and are provided in detail at Ebates.ca. Please note that the net purchase amount excludes taxes, fees, shipping, gift-wrapping, discounts or credits, Returns or cancellations, and extended warranties.

Certain Affiliate Stores exclude a limited number of products and purchases from the Program. Ebates Canada does its best to minimize and maintain an up-to-date list of exclusions on Ebates.ca. Additionally, to earn Cash Back, you must complete your purchase during the same shopping session you start after clicking on the Ebates Canada link. If you visit other sites before completing your purchase or use coupons not provided by Ebates Canada, your purchase might be associated with a service other than Ebates Canada and you might not earn Cash Back on your purchase. If you disable 'cookies' on your computer you will not be able to earn Cash Back as cookies are used to authenticate the user and be certain Cash Back is assigned to the Member account.

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Earning Bonuses & Other Rewards

Ebates Canada periodically offers monetary bonuses or other rewards for sign-up in the Program, for referring other new Members, or for other specific actions. The terms and conditions accompanying such offers will govern how they are earned and paid if the terms and conditions differ from this Agreement. To qualify for a sign-up bonus payment, a new Member must establish an Active Account (defined below) and make minimum qualifying purchases totaling at least twenty-five dollars ($25.00) within ninety (90) days of becoming a Member. To qualify for a referral bonus, a Member must refer a new Member who establishes his or her own Active Account and makes his or her own minimum qualifying purchases totaling at least twenty-five dollars ($25.00) within the first ninety (90) days of becoming a Member. Please note that sign-up and referral bonuses are given for the purpose of attracting brand new Members to Ebates Canada. An individual person is only eligible for one sign-up bonus and may earn only one referral bonus per individual person referred.

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Receiving Payment

To receive payment of accrued Cash Back and any other rewards, you must establish and maintain an active account with Ebates Canada ("Active Account") with the information necessary to process your payment: a valid email address at which you are able to receive email, a valid postal address at which you are able to receive mail, your first and last name, and a password to protect your account. To maintain your Active Account, you must update your information if it changes and have shopped via Ebates.ca or an Ebates Canada Application or have accrued Cash Back at any time within the last twelve (12) months.

Ebates Canada pays its members accrued Cash Back and other rewards every 3 months, at a minimum. Ebates Canada pays members in Canadian dollars via cheque, Paypal, and sometimes other payment options. Members may select or change their payment options in the My Account section of Ebates.ca. Each payment represents Cash Back and other rewards earned and accrued during the prior quarter based on the schedule below. The minimum payment amount is $5.01. Balances below $5.01 remain in your account for potential payment during the next payment period.
Purchases Posted Between Big Fat Cheque Sent
Jan 1 - Mar 31 May 15
Apr 1 - June 30 Aug 15
July 1 - Sept 30 Nov 15
Oct 1 - Dec 31 Feb 15
Please note that orders from a few Affiliate Stores may be delayed by one pay cycle due to delayed processing and reporting by the stores. We do our best to expedite payments and to maintain a list of stores whose practices might delay our ability to pay Cash Back on your purchase. Ebates Canada reserves the right to delay payment for any purchase based on changes to Affiliate Store policies and procedures at any time.

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Updating & Maintaining Your Account

You must be logged into Ebates Canada and enter your password to change your account information and payment preferences. You may check your account status and recent earning history at any time via the My Account section on the Ebates Canada Website. For security purposes, it is recommended that you memorize your password and not write it down. You are responsible for keeping your password and other account information confidential. Ebates Canada is entitled to act on instructions received under your password and is not responsible for any credits or debits made to your account by someone else who uses your password.

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Receiving Communications from Ebates Canada

By signing up for membership at Ebates Canada, you agree to receive communications that are account and membership related (e.g., that we've added money to your account, that we are mailing you a cheque on a certain date, etc.). You may separately opt to receive periodic shopping-related emails that highlight coupons & special deals that are available to Ebates Canada Members. You can always opt-out of receiving emails that are not account-related by either (i) visiting your account page and clicking on the Subscriptions link, or (ii) following the unsubscribe link on any of the emails. Because we need to communicate account information with you in order to operate our service, you cannot unsubscribe from account information emails. But rest assured that we don't send account emails unnecessarily. If you do not wish to hear from Ebates Canada, even if just to hear that we awarded you Cash Back, you can close your account by contacting Ebates Canada's customer service department.

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Protecting Your Information

Ebates Canada does not sell or rent your information to third parties. Ebates Canada requires your name and address in order to send you payment of Cash Back and other rewards earned through Ebates Canada. Any other information gathered by Ebates Canada will be used only to improve your Ebates experience, for example by minimizing the irrelevant content or offers you see and increasing the offers you see from your favourite stores. Such information might include your favourite stores, preferred types of coupons or shopping categories. As detailed in Ebates Canada's Privacy Policy, Ebates Canada does not disclose your information to third parties except as necessary (i) for Ebates Canada's agents and service providers to make Ebates Canada payments to you; (ii) to comply with government agency or court orders or requests; (iii) in providing aggregated or non-personalized marketing services for advertising or store partners; or (iv) for Ebates Canada's agents and service providers to send Ebates Canada's communications to you.

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Using Ebates Applications

Ebates Canada does not install or require you to install any software to access the Cash Back Shopping Program. Members can earn Cash Back on their purchases by using only the Web site Ebates.ca. Ebates Canada plans to make available a limited number of Applications to assist users in earning Cash Back without visiting Ebates.ca (for example, from mobile devices or in-store). If you use Ebates Canada's Applications you agree to use them only for your personal use and for accessing the Program. Ebates Canada reserves the right to update or discontinue its Applications at any time. You agree not to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, copy or otherwise derive the source code of Ebates Canada Applications for any reason. You may not rent, sell, or sublicense Ebates Canada's Applications without Ebates Canada's prior written consent.

Ebates' Applications and their underlying information and technology may not be exported or re-exported into any country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods or to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Commerce Department's Table of Deny Orders. By using Ebates' Applications you represent and warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list, and that you will otherwise comply with all applicable export control laws. All rights to Ebates' Applications are reserved by Ebates under the copyright laws of the United States.

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Inactive Member Accounts & Termination of Membership

Membership in the Ebates Canada program is free: there is no charge to be a Member or to earn and receive Cash Back. If your account is inactive for more than twelve (12) consecutive months, Ebates Canada reserves the right to debit your Ebates account balance two dollars ($2.00) per month to recover the cost of account maintenance until (i) you reactivate your account by starting a shopping session via Ebates.ca or Ebates' Applications, completing a qualifying purchase, or updating your account information (providing a valid name, email and mailing address), or (ii) your account balance is zero. If the balance in your inactive account is or becomes zero, Ebates Canada will close the account permanently and cease to maintain your account records and Program access. The inactive account maintenance charge will not cause your account balance to become negative and will not cause you to owe money to Ebates Canada.

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Program Limitations, Qualifications & Disclaimers

Membership in the Program is subject to this Program Agreement. All Affiliate Store membership and/or operating agreements as they relate to their affiliate or partner programs with Ebates Canada and which reside on the Affiliate Store's respective Web sites are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference.

Membership in the Program is limited to individuals who are 18 years of age or older. Members may not use scripts or disguised redirects to derive financial benefit from Ebates Canada. Members must have Internet access and maintain a valid email address to be eligible to receive the privileges and benefits of membership.

Any failure to comply with this Program Agreement, any fraud or abuse relating to the accrual or receipt of Cash Back rewards, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to Ebates Canada or its affiliates by you or anyone acting on your behalf may result in the termination of your membership in the Program and forfeiture of your accrued Cash Back rewards.

The determination of whether or not a purchase made through an Ebates Canada Affiliate Store qualifies for Cash Back is at the sole discretion of Ebates. If an Affiliate Store fails to report a transaction to Ebates Canada or withholds payment to Ebates Canada for any reason, Ebates Canada reserves the right to cancel the Cash Back associated with that transaction. If Ebates Canada has any reason to suspect fraudulent activity is associated with your account, Ebates Canada reserves the right to delay or withhold payment of Cash Back. You give Ebates Canada permission to review your account with Affiliate Stores in cases where Ebates suspects fraudulent activity. Ebates Canada is not responsible for lost or stolen payments, including gift cards. Ebates Canada is not responsible for payments delivered to the wrong address through no fault of Ebates Canada or for payment errors made by payment partners like PayPal.

It is your responsibility to check your account regularly to ensure that Cash Back has been properly credited and paid and that your account balance is accurate. If you do not believe that Cash Back has been correctly credited to your account you must contact Ebates Canada Customer Service within 90 days of the transaction. Should you disagree with any adjustments made to your account or payments made to you, your sole remedy is to withdraw from the Program.

You may be taxed on your receipt of cash and other consideration (merchandise, travel, etc.) for member referrals, depending on the tax laws of federal, provincial, and local jurisdictions. Ebates Canada may choose to provide you with those notices to you on occasion. In all instances, you will be solely responsible for any and all tax liability arising out of the consideration received for member referrals.

Ebates Canada is not responsible for changes to, or discontinuance of, any Affiliate Store, or for any Affiliate Store withdrawal from the Program, or for any effect on accrual of Cash Back caused by such changes, discontinuance, or withdrawal. Ebates Canada is not responsible for changes to, or discontinuance of, any special offer or coupon code at an Affiliate Store site.

The Ebates Canada Program and Applications are being provided to member "as is" with no warranty. Ebates Canada reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time with or without notice. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Ebates Canada disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Program and Applications.

Ebates Canada does not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations regarding the quality or accuracy of advertisements for any products or services offered or provided by Affiliate Stores in conjunction with the Program. In addition, Ebates Canada does not warrant that access to this site or use of its Applications will be uninterrupted or error-free, and Ebates Canada assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by your access or inability to access Ebates.ca or Ebates Canada's Applications.

Member agrees to indemnify and hold Ebates Canada, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney's fees, made by any party due to or arising out of Member's use of the Program.

Ebates Canada may modify this Agreement from time to time, with or without notice, and your continued participation in the Program after such modification shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modification. It is your responsibility to check the Terms & Conditions page of the Ebates Canada Web site regularly to determine whether this Agreement has been modified. If you do not agree to any modification of this Agreement, you must immediately cease participation in the Program.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario without reference to conflicts of law rules. As a condition of the use of the Ebates Canada website and service, you (the Member) agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the Province of Ontario and therefore agree to file any grievance or suit of any kind exclusively in the courts located within the Province of Ontario.

If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect. Ebates Canada's failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of the Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Ebates Canada with respect to the Program.

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Ebates Canada Inc. 'Big Fat Cheque Twitter Contest' - Official Rules


The Ebates Canada Inc. Big Fat Cheque Twitter Contest (the "Ebates Canada Giveaway" or "Giveaway") is open only to Canadian residents (excluding residents of Quebec) who are over the age of majority in their province/territory of residence at the time of entry. Employees, representatives and agents of Ebates Canada Inc. ("Sponsor"), and its parent companies, affiliates (including, without limitation, Fat Wallet Inc, Ebates Inc, and Any Coupons Inc), and advertising and promotion agencies, as well as the immediate family members (spouse, children, parents and siblings) and those living in the same household of such employees, representatives and agents are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited by law.

How to Enter:You must first be a member of Ebates.ca. If you don't already follow @EbatesCanada on Twitter, visit http://www.twitter.com/EbatesCanada and click on the icon to follow @EbatesCanada. Once you are following @EbatesCanada, tweet a photo of your Big Fat Cheque including the hashtag #BigFatCheque and @EbatesCanada. There is a limit of one (1) entry per person. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same Twitter account. If you attempt to obtain more than one (1) entry by using multiple or different Twitter accounts, identities, registrations or logins, or through any other methods, the Sponsor may exclude you from participating in the Giveaway. For your privacy, the Sponsor encourages you to avoid showing your personal mailing address in your photos.

Prize Draws

One (1) Prize will be available to be won on the draw date set out below. On the Draw Date one random entry will be selected from all eligible entries received during the period of time ("Draw Period"). The first entrant whose entry is drawn on the Draw Date and who otherwise complies with the Contest Rules will be eligible to win a Prize.

Random Drawing

One (1) prize of a $100 Ebates.ca account credit will be available to be won during the Giveaway Period. One drawing will be held September. 10th, 2013 from all eligible entries received during the Draw Period to which the drawing pertains. The drawing will be conducted Monday September. 10th at 10:00 AM EDT at 90 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2Y3, by independent judges whose decisions are final and binding in all aspects regarding this drawing.

Prize and Approximate Value

One (1) prize will be awarded for the Giveaway Period. The one prize is one (1) $100 credit in the Ebates.ca account of the winner worth $100 CDN. Total prize value of the giveaway is $100 CDN.

Confirmation of Potential Winners

Sponsor will make reasonable efforts to contact potential winners by private message on Twitter within one (1) business day following the date of the relevant drawing. If the potential winner cannot be contacted within the time specified above, does not complete the necessary eligibility forms (outlined below) within five (5) days of his/her being informed of his/her name being drawn, does not correctly answer the mathematical skill-testing question, is not otherwise an eligible entrant, or does not otherwise comply with the Official Rules, he/she will not win any prize. In this event, the prize will be awarded to an alternate entrant, who will be selected from among the remaining eligible entries. Any alternate winner will have the same rights and obligations as the original winner. To claim a prize, a potential winner must comply with the Official Rules for this Giveaway, as well as the Terms and Conditions relating to the use of the entry kiosks, must correctly answer unaided a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question administered by Sponsor and must fill out and return a Declaration and Release, including a Publicity Release, within fourteen (14) days of his/her being informed of his/her name being drawn as detailed below. Prizes will be delivered to confirmed winners.


By participating in the Giveaway, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor and the independent judges, which are final and binding in all respects. No cash or other substitution or transfer of prizes is permitted, except that Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Return of any prize notification as non-deliverable or failure to comply with the Official Rules will result in disqualification, and an alternate entrant may be randomly selected in accordance with the Official Rules. All taxes for prizes are the sole responsibility of the individual winners.

By participating, entrants agree: (1) that Sponsor may (unless prohibited by law) use winner's name, city of residence, photograph, image and/or likeness for advertising and other promotional purposes, without further review or compensation, in any media, in perpetuity and worldwide; and (2) to hold Sponsor, its parent, divisions, affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies and other agents, and their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents and assigns harmless against any and all claims, loss, liability, injury or damage to entrant or any other person or entity due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by reason of their acceptance, possession or use of a prize or their participation in this Giveaway.

Sponsor is not responsible for incomplete, lost or late entries or faulty transmissions, technical computer hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or interrupted or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled, misrouted, scrambled or delayed computer transmission, or other errors or problems of any kind, whether mechanical, human, electronic or otherwise, which may limit an entrant's ability to participate in this Giveaway. Sponsor is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of this Giveaway or in the announcement of the prizes. Sponsor assumes no responsibility or liability for (a) any incorrect or inaccurate entry information, or for any faulty, failed, garbled or jumbled electronic data transmissions; (b) any unauthorized access to, or theft, destruction or alteration of entries at any point in the operation of this Giveaway; (c) any technical malfunction, failure, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, computers or providers utilized in any aspect of the operation of this Giveaway; (d) inaccessibility or unavailability of the entry portals on any particular day; or (e) any injury or damage to entrant's or to any other person's computer which may be related to or resulting from any attempt to obtain further information concerning this Giveaway.

Sponsor reserves the right (1) to disqualify any entrant and void any entries of an entrant who has engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct, fraud or other misconduct relative to this Giveaway or otherwise attempted to tamper with or impair this Giveaway; and/or (2) to cancel, modify, suspend or terminate this Giveaway, for any reason, including if, in Sponsor's sole opinion, technical failures, applicable laws or regulations, virus, bugs, unauthorized human intervention or other cause beyond Sponsor's control destroys the integrity of this Giveaway or otherwise corrupts or impairs the administration, security, legality, fairness or proper play of this Giveaway or any part thereof.

Sponsor also reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual found to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of this Giveaway, or to be acting in any manner Sponsor deems to be in violation of the Official Rules or disruptive, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. If, for any reason, this Giveaway is not capable of running as planned for reasons which may include, without limitation, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, violation of applicable law or regulation or any other causes which may corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Giveaway, Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Giveaway in whole or in part.


In the event of a dispute regarding who submitted an entry, the entry will be deemed to have been submitted by the authorized account holder of the email address submitted on the entry form at the time of entry. "Authorized account holder" is defined as the natural person who is assigned to an email address by an Internet service provider, online service provider or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address.

Content Requirements: Your photo must not: (a) violate any third party rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademark rights, or rights of privacy and publicity; (b) depict any risky or offensive behavior or contain images that are obscene, defamatory, profane, offensive, lewd, pornographic, false, misleading, deceptive, or otherwise inconsistent with Twitter's editorial standards; (c) prominently feature any trademarks or logos; or (d) have been entered in any other contest or have been published or distributed in any other media. Sponsor reserves the right to reject any photo for any reason. By submitting a photo, you represent and warrant that: (a) the photo is an original work created solely by you; (b) you own all rights to the photo; and (c) the Entry complies with all requirements of these Official Rules.

Sponsor's Rights to Photos: By participating, you: (a) irrevocably grant Sponsor, its agents, licensees, and assigns the unconditional and perpetual (non-exclusive) right and permission to copyright, reproduce, encode, store, copy, transmit, publish, post, broadcast, display, publicly perform, adapt, modify, create derivative works of, exhibit, and otherwise use your photo as-is or as-edited (with or without using your name) in any media throughout the world for any purpose, without limitation, and without additional review, compensation, or approval from you or any other party; (b) forever waive any rights of copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, and any other legal or moral rights that may preclude Sponsor's use of your photo, or require any further permission for Sponsor to use the photo; and (c) agree not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against Sponsor on the grounds that any use of the photo, or any derivative works, infringes any of your rights as creator of the photo, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, and moral rights.

Personal Information

Personal information gathered by Sponsor will be used for the purposes of administering the Giveaway, contacting potential winners and as otherwise permitted or required by law. Please see Ebates Canada Inc.'s Privacy Policy http://www.ebates.ca/help/privacy-policy for information on its policy toward maintaining the privacy and security of your information.

The Giveaway is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws. The Giveaway and the Official Rules will be exclusively governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario. Any dispute arising hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Ontario and shall be adjudicated in the applicable court in Toronto, Ontario.

A copy of the Official Rules will be available online at http://www.ebates.ca/static/twitterrules

Winners List

For a list of winners (identified by name and city/province of residence), send a separate self-addressed envelope, on or after September. 10th, 2013, to: Ebates Canada, Inc., Attn: Ebates Canada Inc. Giveaway, 90 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2Y3. All such requests must be received on or before September 30th, 2013; requests received after such date will not be processed.

Draw Date Draw Period
(entries received during this period will be eligible for the Draw Date set out in the column to the left)
September 10th, 2013 August 15th, 2013 10:00 AM - September 8th, 2013 11:59 PM
Any litigation in Quebec respecting the conduct or organization of a publicity contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec for a ruling. Any litigation respecting the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of helping the parties to reach a settlement

In the event of any discrepancies between the English and French versions of these rules and regulations, the English version of the rules and regulations shall prevail.


Aucun achat n'est requis pour participer ou gagner. Les achats n'augmenteront pas vos chances de gagner.


Le Concours Big Fat Cheque Twitter de Ebates Canada Inc. (le « Concours Ebates Canada » ou « Concours ») s'adresse uniquement aux résidents du Canada ayant atteint l'âge de la majorité dans leur province ou territoire de résidence respectif au moment de leur participation et qui sont membres de Ebates.ca. Les employés, représentants et agents de Ebates Canada Inc. (le « Commanditaire »), ses sociétés mères et filiales (y compris mais sans s´y limiter Fat Wallet Inc, Ebates Inc, et Any Coupons Inc), ses agences publicitaires et promotionnelles, de même que les membres de leur famille immédiate (conjoints, enfants, parents, frères et sŔurs) ainsi que ceux vivant à la même adresse que ces employés, représentants et agents en question ne sont pas autorisés à participer. Le concours n'est pas en vigueur là où la loi l'interdit.

Comment participer

Vous devez tout d´abord être membre de Ebates.ca. Si vous ne suivez pas @EbatesCanada sur Twitter, rendez-vous au http://www.twitter.com/EbatesCanada et cliquez sur l´icône pour suivre @EbatesCanada. Une fois cette étape franchie, publiez une photo sur Twitter de votre beau gros chèqueen utilisant le hashtag #BigFatCheque et @EbatesCanada. Limite d´une (1) participation par personne.Il n'est pas permis à plus d'un participant d´utiliser le même compte Twitter. Toute tentative pour obtenir plus d´une (1) participation en utilisant des comptes Twitter, des identités, des inscriptions et des identifications d'utilisateurs multiples ou différentes, ou par toute autre méthode, pourrait entraîner votre exclusion du concours par le commanditaire. Afin de préserver la confidentialité de votre vie privée, le commanditaire vous recommande d´éviter de dévoiler votre adresse personnelle sur vos photos.

Advenant un litige concernant l´identité d´un gagnant potentiel, le gagnant potentiel pourrait être tenu de fournir une preuve qu´il ou elle est bien la personne identifiée sur le formulaire de participation et qu´elle est admissible au concours. Toutes les participations valides reçues en ligne seront combinées pour le tirage. Ebates Canada n´est pas responsable pour toute participation perdue, en retard, non admissible, incomplète, falsifiée, détruite ou infructueuse, ou pour tout problème de communication électronique ni aucune défaillance de toute nature que ce soit, lesquels pourraient limiter la capacité du participant à participer à ce concours. La preuve d´avoir soumis le formulaire de participation ne constitue pas une preuve de sa réception par le commanditaire. Toutes les participations deviennent la propriété du commanditaire et ne feront l'objet d'aucun accusé de réception et ne seront pas retournées. Toute participation perdue, en retard, non admissible, incomplète, falsifiée, détruite ou infructueuse sera exclue. Aucun achat n´est requis pour participer ou gagner et les achats n´augmenteront pas vos chances de gagner.

Tirage du prix

Un (1) prix pourra être gagné à la date du tirage mentionnée ci-après. Le jour du tirage, un tirage au sort sera effectué parmi toutes les participations valides reçues pendant la durée du concours (« Période du tirage »). Le premier participant dont le formulaire est tiré le jour du tirage et qui répond aux règlements du concours sera admissible pour gagner le prix.

Tirage au sort

Un (1) prix consistant en un crédit sur votre compte de Ebates.ca d´un montant de 100 $ pourra être gagné pendant la durée du concours. Un tirage sera effectué le 1er août 2013 parmi toutes les participations valides reçues pendant la période du tirage correspondant au concours. Le tirage sera effectué le jeudi 1er aoûtà 11 h HAE au 90 Eglinton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2Y3 par des juges indépendants dont les décisions concernant ce tirage sont finales et contraignantes dans tous ses aspects. Les chances de gagner un prix à la date mentionnée dépendent du nombre de participations valides reçues durant la durée du concours.

Prix et valeur approximative

Un (1) prix sera octroyé pour la durée du concours. Ce prix consiste en un (1) crédit de 100 $ sur le compte de Ebates.ca du gagnant, d´une valeur de 100 $ CAN. La valeur totale du prix remis est de 100 $ CAN.

Confirmation des gagnants potentiels

Le commanditaire s´efforcera au mieux de contacter les gagnants potentiels par téléphone ou par courriel dans un délai d´un (1) jour ouvrable suivant le jour du présent tirage. Si le gagnant potentiel ne peut être contacté dans les délais mentionnés, ne répond pas aux critères d´admissibilité requis (indiqués ci-après) dans un délai de cinq (5) jours suivant le moment où elle/il est informé que son nom a été tiré, ne répond pas correctement à la question d´habileté mathématique, n´est pas un participant admissible, ou ne se conforme pas aux règlements officiels, elle/il ne pourra remporter le prix. Dans ce cas, le prix sera remis à un autre participant qui sera choisi parmi les participations valides restantes. Tout autre gagnant jouit des mêmes droits et obligations que le gagnant original. Pour réclamer son prix, le gagnant potentiel doit se conformer aux règlements officiels de ce concours ainsi qu´aux conditions relatives à l´utilisation des postes d´entrée, doit répondre correctement, sans aide et en un temps limité, à une question d´habileté mathématique posée par le commanditaire et doit remplir et retourner un formulaire de déclaration et renonciation, incluant un consentement à des fins publicitaires, dans les quatorze (14) jours suivant le moment où elle/il est informé que son nom a été tiré tel que détaillé ci-après. Les prix seront remis aux gagnants confirmés.


En participant au concours, les participants acceptent de se conformer aux présents règlements officiels ainsi qu´aux décisions du commanditaire et des juges indépendants, lesquelles sont finales et contraignantes dans tous leurs aspects. Aucun versement en argent comptant, transfert ni aucune substitution des prix n´est permis, à l'exception que le commanditaire, à son entière discrétion, se réserve le droit de remplacer le prix par un de valeur égale ou supérieure. Le retour d´un avis de prix comme non livrable ou le non-respect des règlements officiels entraîneront la disqualification, et un autre participant pourrait être choisi au hasard selon les règlements officiels. Toutes les taxes associées aux prix sont à la charge exclusive de chacun des gagnants.

En participant, les participants acceptent : (1) que le commanditaire (à moins que la loi ne l´interdise) utilise le nom du gagnant et de sa ville de résidence, une photographie, une image ou un portrait à des fins publicitaires et promotionnelles, sans autre vérification ou compensation, dans toutes les formes de médias, à perpétuité et partout dans le monde; (2) de décharger de toute responsabilité le commanditaire, sa société mère, ses divisions, sociétés affiliées, agences publicitaires et promotionnelles et autres agents, ainsi que leurs directeurs, responsables, employés, représentants, agents respectifs, actuels et futurs, contre toute forme de réclamation, perte, responsabilité, préjudice ou dommage au participant, directement ou indirectement, en raison de l´acceptation, la possession ou l´utilisation d´un prix ou de leur participation à ce concours.

Le commanditaire n´est pas responsable des participations incomplètes, perdues ou retardées, des mauvaises transmissions, des défaillances techniques matérielles et logicielles de toute nature, des connexions réseaux perdues, interrompues ou indisponibles, ou des pannes de transmission, des transmissions incomplètes, tronquées, mal acheminées ou retardées, ou tout autre erreur ou problème de quelque nature que ce soit, d´origine mécanique, humaine, électronique ou autre, qui pourrait limiter la capacité du participant à participer à ce concours.

Le commanditaire n'assume aucune responsabilité pour les erreurs typographiques ou autres erreurs d'impression concernant l'offre, l'administration du concours ou l'annonce des prix. Le commanditaire n'assume aucune responsabilité pour (a) toute saisie incorrecte ou inexacte de l´information relative à l´inscription ou pour toute transmission électronique des données défectueuse, échouée, brouillée ou perturbée; (b) tout accès non autorisé ou vol, destruction ou altération des participations à un quelconque moment de ce concours; (c) toute défectuosité, défaillance, erreur, omission, interruption, suppression, défaut technique, délai d´exécution ou panne de communication, peu importe la cause, en ce qui a trait à tout équipement, systèmes, réseaux, lignes, satellites, serveurs, ordinateurs ou fournisseurs utilisés pour tous les aspects des opérations de ce concours; (d) l´inaccessibilité ou la non-disponibilité du portail d´accès au concours à quelque moment que ce soit; (e) tout préjudice ou dommage causé à l´ordinateur du participant ou à celui d´une autre personne qui pourrait être en lien avec ou le résultat d´une tentative d´obtenir de plus amples informations concernant ce concours.

Le commanditaire se réserve le droit (1) de disqualifier un participant et d´annuler toute participation liée à une attitude antisportive, à une fraude ou autre faute grave relative à ce concours ou encore liée à une tentative de modifier ou de nuire à ce concours; ou (2) d´annuler, de modifier, de suspendre ou d´interrompre ce concours, pour toute raison, incluant si, selon l´avis unique du commanditaire, des défaillances techniques, des lois et règlements applicables, des virus, bogues, interventions humaines non autorisées ou une autre cause au-delà du contrôle du commanditaire ont pour effet de détruire l´intégrité de ce concours ou de corrompre ou d´entraver l´administration, la sécurité, la légalité, l´impartialité ou le bon déroulement de ce concours, totalement ou en partie.

Le commanditaire se réserve aussi le droit, à son entière discrétion, de disqualifier tout individu trouvé coupable d'avoir altéré le processus de participation ou le déroulement du concours, d´avoir enfreint selon le commanditaire les règlements officiels ou d´avoir agi de façon perturbatrice, ou avec l´intention d´importuner, d´abuser, de menacer ou de harceler toute autre personne. Si, pour une quelconque raison, le commanditaire est incapable de mener à bien ce concours pour des raisons qui peuvent inclure, mais sans s´y limiter : infection par un virus informatique, bogue, falsification, intervention non autorisée, fraude, défaillance technique, violation de lois ou de règlements applicables ou toute autre cause pouvant corrompre ou affecter l´administration, la sécurité, l'équité, l'intégrité ou le bon déroulement de ce concours, le commanditaire se réserve le droit, à son entière discrétion, d´annuler, de résilier, de modifier ou de suspendre ce concours, en totalité ou en partie.

AVERTISSEMENT : Toute tentative délibérée d´un utilisateur ou d´un participant ou DE toute autre personne de compromettre le déroulement légitime de ce concours constitue une violation des lois criminelles et civiles. Dans un tel cas, le Commanditaire se réserve le droit d´exercer le recours à des dommages-intérêts contre cette personne dans la mesure permise par la loi.
Dans l'éventualité d'un différend quant à l'identité de la personne ayant soumis une participation, la participation sera considérée comme ayant été envoyée par le titulaire autorisé de l'adresse électronique soumise sur le formulaire au moment de la participation. Le « titulaire autorisé » d'une adresse courriel correspond à la personne physique à laquelle cette adresse a été attribuée par le fournisseur d'accès à Internet, un prestataire de services en ligne ou toute autre entité chargée d'attribuer des adresses courriel pour le domaine associé à l'adresse électronique figurant sur la participation.

Renseignements personnels

Les renseignements personnels recueillis par le commanditaire seront utilisés pour l´administration du concours, pour contacter les gagnants potentiels ou pour ce qui est par ailleurs permis ou requis par la loi. Veuillez consulter la politique de confidentialité de Ebates Canada Inc. http://www.ebates.ca/help/privacy-policy pour toute information sur sa politique concernant le maintien de la confidentialité et la sécurité de vos renseignements personnels.

Le concours est assujetti à toutes les lois fédérales, provinciales et municipales en vigueur. Le concours et les règlements officiels seront exclusivement régis et interprétés conformément aux lois de la province de l'Ontario. Tout litige découlant des présentes conditions sera réglé exclusivement en vertu des lois applicables de la province de l'Ontario et doit être tranché par le tribunal compétent de Toronto, en Ontario.

Une copie des règlements officiels sera disponible en ligne à partir de l´onglet Facebook du Concours Big Fat Cheque Twitter au http://www.ebates.ca/help/terms-conditions.

Liste des gagnants

Pour obtenir la liste des gagnants (identifiés par nom et ville/province de résidence), faites parvenir une enveloppe adressée distincte, le 11 septembre 2013 ou après à Ebates Canada, Inc., à l´attention de Ebates Canada Inc. Giveaway, 90 Eglinton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2Y3. Les demandes en ce sens doivent être reçues au plus tard le 30 septembre 2013; les demandes reçues après cette date ne seront pas traitées.
Jour du tirage Période du tirage
(Les participations reçues pendant cette période seront admissibles pour le jour du tirage indiqué dans la colonne de gauche.)
10 septembre 2013 Du 15 août 2013 à 10 h au 8 septembre 2013à 15 h 59
Tout litige survenant au Québec quant à l'organisation ou à la conduite d'un concours publicitaire peut être soumis à la Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux afin qu'il soit tranché. Tout litige relatif à la remise d'un prix peut être soumis à la Régie seulement dans le but d'aider les parties à conclure un accord.

En cas de divergences entre la version anglaise et la version française de ce présent règlement, la version anglaise prévaudra.

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