Boxing Day: Should You Shop Online or In-Store?

Before you tackle the tough decisions of what to buy on Boxing Day, consider the pros and cons of shopping for deals online or in stores.

When it comes to Boxing Day, it seems like there are primarily two choices. Either you stay home enjoying a nice, cozy, restful day visiting with friends and family, or you head out into the cold and the snow, fight the crowds and the traffic and attempt to take advantage of some of the best deals of the year. But wait - there is actually a third alternative! You can easily shop online from that same cozy, warm, restful home, surrounded by your friends and family and still scoop up all the massive discounts that Boxing Day has to offer.

Whether you are the type to brave the crowds, or prefer to stay at home and snuggle up with your laptop, there is no doubt that Boxing Day provides the ultimate deals on some of your favourite items, and it is well worth taking the time to shop. The question is then, should you shop online or in-store?

Boxing Day shopping in-store:

There is something to be said for the atmosphere of Boxing Day shopping in-store. Being amongst all the savvy shoppers feels like being part of an exclusive club. Plus, the adrenaline rush of being the first to snag that amazing big-screen TV with surround-sound on sale can be addicting. In-store, you also get to see what else is on offer that you may not have considered would be a part of your Boxing Day shopping experience. You may have completely neglected to realize that you need a new laptop until you see it in-store. Even little add-ons like headphones and tablet cases can catch your eye and remind you that yours are a few years old and this is the best time to upgrade! There is no doubt if you are wandering the departments at Hudson’s Bay or Neiman Marcus that something fabulous is bound to attract your attention, whether it’s a new outfit for New Year’s Eve, a gorgeous handbag, or a new Keurig or espresso machine you know would warm up your winter mornings, odds are that it is all on sale! While it would be amazing to have countless hours to spend carefully perusing all the many items in-store that you didn’t even know you wanted, the reality is that holidays are crazy busy, and the mania of an in-store Boxing Day sale can get tiring quickly. Factor in all the time you may spend driving through the snow, finding parking, and moving from store to store, and the lure of online shopping can seem particularly strong.

Boxing Day shopping online:

Despite all the excitement of the in-store hunt, some prefer to shop online on Boxing Day. In a Canadian winter, where it can take hours to clear the snow off your car, drive through traffic to the mall, and find a parking spot, this is an appealing option. With a cup of coffee, some leftover Christmas baking and your laptop, you can continue to visit with your holiday guests while simultaneously getting some incredible deals online. Shopping online can also make it easier to stick to your budget, which you should definitely have! It would be amazing to just snap up every single fantastic Boxing Day deal, but that would ultimately blow your budget out of the water and leave you feeling totally down in the New Year. Rather than getting caught up in all the beautiful things in-store, you can have a specific budget and a list of items you want with you when you shop online. There will still be exciting deals to catch your attention while you’re browsing your favourite websites, so you won’t miss out on the very best deals, but you are less likely to buy things you really don’t need if you’re not passing right by them in-store. The best way to shop online it to keep your favourite store websites up in separate browser windows while you shop. This way you can see what each store has to offer and easily compare and contrast the discounts and what you will be paying. You won’t miss out on a fabulous New Years Eve outfit if you’re browsing the deals at Macy’s Canada or Saks OFF 5TH online. Keep your Ebates Canada browser window open at the same time and cash in even more when you earn Cash Back just by shopping at your favourite stores through Ebates Canada.

Whether you head to the stores or stay at home and shop online, you can’t go wrong with Boxing Day deals!