How to Make a Boxing Day Plan

Boxing Day is one of the best shopping days of the year, but it can be overwhelming! It seems like every single store has every single item on sale and they all claim to be the absolute best deal you can find. How are you supposed to choose what to buy and where to buy it?

The best way to navigate this huge sales day while keeping a hold of your sanity is to make a Boxing Day Plan. Here are some tips on creating a successful plan that will make surviving Boxing Day, and snagging all the best deals, a breeze this year.

Know exactly what you want:

The atmosphere of Boxing Day is intense, with major sales on almost every item in some stores and a lot of other shoppers in the market to snag the best discounts. It is important to know what you want and what you need before you head to the stores or pull up your web browser to start shopping. Is your heart set on a new laptop? Would you absolutely love some new ski gear from Sport Chek for that holiday you’re going on? Have you been dreaming about that beautiful pair of boots from Hudson’s Bay? Make two lists, one for what you need or would really benefit from purchasing, and one for what you want or have been coveting but maybe isn’t as essential. This way if the deals are even better than you expected, you can use a little extra budget to pick up some special “want” items.

Set a budget:

The holiday season can be tough on your bank account. It is a terrible feeling to have buyer’s remorse or feel like you overspent after the holidays! It feels even worse when you thought you were being a smart shopper and spent so much time and effort hitting up the sales. Before you start shopping on Boxing Day, take a look at those lists you made of the items you are planning on purchasing and set a realistic budget for what you are willing to spend. This guideline will keep you on track amidst the lure of the Boxing Day bonanza. It will help you avoid buying things you don’t need and keep your budget on point for the start of the new year.

Do your research:

How are you going to know what you will be spending on those items you want? Research! Take a look at several stores that offer the items you are looking at. Are you thinking about electronics like a new laptop or tablet? Look at stores like The Source CanadaNewegg, or Dell Canada. Have you been dreaming of a new wardrobe or are you in desperate need of new work clothes? Check out stores like Hudson’s BayOld Navy Canada, or Neiman Marcus. Get an idea of what prices stores are offering before they put on their “big discounts”. This will give you a concrete look at what the actual price is, rather than just being distracted by an offer such as “fifty percent off”. Knowing what the original prices are, and what you will actually be paying for your item, will protect you from being a victim of “massive discount” advertisements. Especially considering that some of these advertisements end up costing more than other competitors with original lower prices.

Think about staying home:

Staying home doesn’t mean missing out! Have you ever driven between several stores trying to price check and make sure you’re getting the best deal? It is totally exhausting and eats up so much time, and gas! Shopping online makes it super convenient to compare Boxing Day sales. From the comfort of your own couch, all you have to do is open browser windows for all your favourite sites, and keep them open for easy comparison. This is also a trick to help you stick to that budget because you can search directly for the items on your list and not be caught looking at flashy sales signs as you wander through a store and end up picking up things you don’t need that weren’t part of your original plan.

Reward yourself while you shop:

The best way to shop for the things you want now while saving cash for the things you’ll need in the future is to shop through Ebates Canada. It’s as easy as keeping the Ebates Canada web browser open next to all your favourite store websites. Shop at those stores through Ebates Canada, and you will be earning Cash Back and cashing in to help save money now and build up rewards and coupons for future use.

Using these handy tips to make the perfect Boxing Day plan will leave you ahead of the game, quite possibly with money to spare for the New Year.