Guide to Getting the Best Online Deals on Boxing Day

An early morning, rowdy crowds, lineups and the battle for parking spots. The morning after Christmas day is, perhaps, the most hectic day of the year! Who really wants to go schlepping around a stuffy shopping mall the day after Christmas?

Boxing Day is a uniquely Canadian event and a chance for retailers to clear their winter inventory. Better yet, it’s a bonanza for bargain hunters, a time to treat yourself, and snatch some great deals. It is totally worth it to take advantage of these amazing savings, but heading out to stores can feel like a major headache. Especially when compared to sitting in the comfort of your own home and visiting with family and friends. If you don’t want to spend your holiday running from store to store and carting around heavy new purchases, there is an easy solution. Online shopping on Boxing Day is convenient, comfortable, and still chock full of incredible savings.

Here are a few tips on finding the best online deals on Boxing Day, all from the comfort of your own home:

Do your research:

Don’t expect to roll out of bed on the morning of Boxing Day without a plan of action. Create a list of items that you know you want to purchase. Consider this to-buy list like a virtual shopping map. It will guide you to the best deals and give you the best shot at getting that TV or laptop you’ve had your eye on. Compare prices beforehand to make sure that those discounts are really adding up to the best price on that item you’ve been coveting. Having a plan will ensure you get what you came for, and help you avoid buying up items you don’t need just because they are on sale. While you’re online shopping, keep a few browser windows open, mainly the websites for your favourite stores that stock your to-buy items. This allows you to easily compare and contrast deals and makes your shopping experience seamless. Keep a browser window open for Ebates Canada at the same time so you can shop through Ebates Canada and earn Cash Back and rewards. You’ll be checking items off your carefully curated to-buy list while earning extra cash at the same time.

Be Social

Start following your favourite stores on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so you’ll be up to speed on their sales. Instagram accounts like Old Navy Canada and Hudson’s Bay always announce their big sales and special-item discounts on their Instagram feeds, so if you’re following you’ll know right away what the best deals are. Some stores actually launch their Boxing Day sales on Christmas Eve and you want to be the first to know if your favourite stores are doing this! Following your favourite stores will ensure you are the first to know about the best deals, and give you an advantage over other eager shoppers when it comes to those crucial hours on Boxing Day. Use Pinterest to keep a visual reminder of the items you have your heart set on, like a new makeup palette from Tarte Cosmetics or a lush set of new skincare from Kiehl’s Canada. The visual guide with help you ensure you’re getting the exact product you want and not just a similar one by mistake. Print out your Pinterest board or keep the tab open on your browser while you shop online. This will help you keep you on track and visually compare what you want with what you are seeing online. Keeping social online is the perfect accompaniment to your to-buy list and together they create the roadmap to total Boxing Day shopping success!

Cash In

Boxing Day is a great time to use those gift cards and reward points you’ve been accumulating over the Christmas shopping period. Using these is basically like getting to choose your own Christmas presents after seeing what you already got! To keep the rewards coming, shop through Ebates Canada and receive Cash Back on all your purchases. Another tip is to use your store credit cards while you shop, to ramp up rewards even more. Gather your store credit cards, coupons, and gift cards together on Christmas day (or maybe Christmas eve since the day itself is so crazy!) and put them next to your computer. This way, all you need on Boxing Day is a cup of coffee and a good attitude and you can shop comfortably all morning long with the confidence that you are reaping every benefit possible.