Customer Reviews

We love hearing from our Canadian members, whether they’ve just started to enjoy the benefits of Cash Back Shopping, or are seasoned pros! Here are some Ebates Canada Customer Reviews from members across the country.

I received my first BIG FAT CHEQUE today! What a thrill! Getting money back for shopping for things I was going to buy anyway, what a fantastic concept!! The selection of stores available on the ebates website makes it so easy! I may never have to set foot in a mall again!
Christene H. Toronto
I save more money by shopping online through than I would by going in-store and I can do it all from the comfort of my own home!
Aliza C. Kelowna
Earning Cash Back makes me feel smarter than the average shopper. I can buy things that I was going to buy already, but with the added bonus of a sweet refund! I am frugal by nature and earning cash back is like a mini-victory to me.
Ashley P. Lindsay
Seriously love @EbatesCanada @Ebates. Why have I not discovered them until recently? #cashback #iloveonlineshopping
Ebates allows me to shop at all my favourite online retailers - and get money back on purchases I would have made anyway. What's even better is that you get advanced notice on sales, free shipping coupons etc. What's not to love?!"
Karen L. Toronto
My wife introduced me to and I'm hooked. I buy all my gear online. Tech, sports and even my video games. The best part is my wife doesn't nag me about my video games anymore because at least I get cash back. Thanks Ebates!"
Lawrence F. Toronto
When I couldn't find my Cash Back, I got the fastest response from member service! They have already credited the cash to my account - it was so easy! I kept putting it off because I thought it would be a long drawn out process. I was wrong. What awesome member service!
Janey L. Toronto
Thank you for resolving my Cash Back issue so quickly, @EbatesCanada #amazingcustomerservice
Ebates puts money in your pockets with little or no effort. I love that I'm getting Cash Back on my online shopping at such a wide range of retailers. Ebates gives me more incentive to shop - not that I needed any!"
Caroline P. Montreal
I love the Cash Back options and making money on purchases I was already planning on buying. The site is easy to navigate. I can't wait for new stores.
Kelly D. Blainville
I am a busy Mom and I do a lot of online shopping. I visit the Ebates retailers regularly online, so it's a great benefit to receive cash back as well.
Julie F. Kingston
Best envelope to see in the mail. Thanks for the big fat cheque @EbatesCanada

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