Boxing Day vs. Black Friday: Which is the Bigger Retail Day?

Both Black Friday and Boxing Day are notorious for major sales and being the largest shopping days of the year in North America. While Black Friday was originally an American phenomenon, Canadian stores and shoppers have caught the sales bug! Now, you can get great deals country-wide the day after American Thanksgiving, or even earlier in some cases. Canada has always been all about Boxing Day, so now that the country is in full sales-swing during Black Friday, it is hard to know which retail day is bigger - Boxing Day or Black Friday? Regardless of which day is bigger, both have their advantages when it comes to maximizing savings. Depending on the type of items you are looking for, how you like to shop and what you have planned for the holiday season and the new year, you can reap rewards from both of these notorious discount days.

What are the advantages of Black Friday?

Black Friday sales have exploded in Canada over the last decade. Your favourite stores are now offering massive discounts just before the holiday season, and for people getting ready for holiday visitors, decorating, gift-giving, partying and hosting for Christmas this is a dream come true. Black Friday is the ideal time to shop for all your holiday needs. If you don’t have that day off work or you’d rather not spend your Friday fighting the crowds in-store, you can shop online and still get all the amazing deals without the hassle. From the comfort of your own home or office you can complete your gift-giving list for the hard-to-buy-for people in your life at Bass Pro Shops and Amazon. You can purchase all the beautiful decor you need to turn your home into a holiday haven at Crate and Barrel and Lowe’s Canada and have it shipped to the store closest to you for easy pick-up. You can even load up on stocking stuffers and party treats at Chapters-Indigo and ensure you always have that perfect hostess gift at the ready. What if you’re not sticking around for the Christmas holidays? You can use Black Friday sales to get out of town for a hugely discounted price. Check out and to book yourself a holiday season vacation and get out of the cold and away from the crowds. Regardless of your holiday season plans, you can find everything you need at incredible prices. You’ll get through the holidays unscathed, and with a healthy budget, by shopping on Black Friday.

What about Boxing Day?

While Black Friday may be the perfect shopping day to make sure you are prepared to sail through the holiday season with ease. However, Boxing Day is the day you can reward yourself for all that hard work and treat yourself to some awesome deals that will help you kick off the new year in style. Boxing Day shopping is perfect for picking up those items that were on your Santa list that didn’t show up on Christmas morning. It is also the best retail day for big electronic items like the new TV you decided you wanted after your holiday guests were crammed around your small one watching Christmas movies, or the new laptop you want to get your son because his kept cutting out when you were video-chatting on Christmas day. You can even pick up a new refrigerator from Hudson’s Bay or Sears if you realized that your old one just doesn’t cut it when you host Christmas dinner and you need more storage space for leftovers. Picking up these big-ticket must-haves on Boxing Day saves you tons of money and sets you up for a fantastic new year.

Are you worried about the crowds on Boxing Day or missing out on time with your family while you’re driving to stores and trying to find somewhere to park? Don’t be! You can get all the best Boxing Day deals from the comfort of your own home, in minutes, online. Even better, you can shop at your favourite stores through Ebates Canada and earn Cash Back on every purchase you make, plus free shipping from several stores for those big-ticket items. 

You’re sure to find incredible deals on both of these big shopping days. Take advantage of Black Friday sales to set yourself up for the best holiday season possible, and then reward yourself with awesome items on Boxing Day! You can’t lose if you shop smart on both days!