Where to Buy an Xbox on Black Friday

If you’re eyeing up an Xbox this Black Friday, there are a few things you should know to help you get the best deals available online. You know to shop early and shop fast, but with these tips, you’ll be prepared to pull in the savings while snagging the Xbox you want.

Watch for Sneak Peek Sale Info

A lot of electronics stores and stores that sell Xbox consoles and games will give sneak peeks into their Black Friday sales to draw in customers. Check around about a week or so before Black Friday at all the top electronics stores that sell Xbox products to see if anyone is advertising a huge Xbox sale. If you see one, make a note that this should be the first place you check when shopping because it may likely have the best deals.

Know What You Want Before You Shop

Do all your product research before you start shopping. This will help you stay focused and find what you really want or need, especially if you’re shopping for games. Don’t buy games just because they’re cheap if you don’t know what they’re like. Research a few games or styles of games that you know you love so you won’t be blindly buying titles and ultimately wasting money while trying to save it.

Price Shop

When you’re shopping, open a few browsers so you can flip back and forth easily between stores. This will let you compare prices at different stores quickly and help make sure you really do get the best deal on Black Friday.

Set a Price Cap and Stick to It

Don’t blow your whole budget on one product or in one store. When shopping for an Xbox, set a price cap on how much you’ll let yourself spend on everything — console, accessories, games, etc. As tempting as it may be to keep raising your price cap and spending more, don’t do it!

Shop the Sale Sections

During Black Friday sales, you can find additional discounts on items that have already been marked down in the sale or clearance sections. Don’t forget to check out these sections to see if there are any unbelievable markdowns on the things you’re shopping for, like closeout games or gaming accessories. Last year, my husband found an Xbox console in the clearance section, and when combined with Black Friday sales and promotions, it came out to be such a steal!

Earn Cash Back at Ebates Canada

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Look for Refurbished Game Systems and Used Games

You can find refurbished items at a lot of electronics stores. These items come with a warranty and are looked over and certified by experts. They also come with a huge price tag reduction compared to non-refurbished items. A refurbished Xbox system can cost so much less than it would brand new, but it will still have the same warranty and guarantees, and it will work just as well as a new one.

Shop for used games to save money. Sometimes people get bored with their games after a short time. These used games are often as good as new ones and are much cheaper.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

An incredibly easy and often overlooked way to save money when shopping online is by using coupon and promo codes every single time you shop. You can find all of the best codes for your favorite stores in one convenient place. Just go to the store’s page at Ebates Canada to access codes that are good for everything from free shipping to extra percentages off your order, and so much more. Check for new codes often — they’re always changing and being updated to give you the best promotions.

Use Store Credit Cards for Rewards

This Black Friday, keep your store credit cards by your computer so you won’t forget to use them. Little rewards add up, so always try to use your store credit cards, even if you’re not spending all that much. If you don’t have one, consider opening one — not only will you get some great perks at your favourite store, but often you’ll also get a discount on your first charge using the card that you can use on your Black Friday Xbox order for even more savings.