Black Friday Deals on Higher End Items

Who doesn’t love luxury? Whether it’s your favourite designer apparel and accessories, art pieces and creative home decor, or industry leading gadgets that make a house a fabulous home, there are so many ways to bring richness into your life with high-end goods. Unfortunately, some of us have tastes that are beyond our budget. That’s where smart shopping tips and tricks can help even the playing field. Get the rich look of luxury without having to actually be rich! 

Here are some of my favorite ways to save on Black Friday high-end shopping sprees.

Online Shopping Savings

When I'm calculating my savings while shopping online, I include the savings I’m getting by shopping online versus in stores. Time is money, and shopping online can take literally a few minutes versus a few hours. This leaves me with so much more time to do other things that are more important to me. I can stay home and get things shipped to me for free while saving money on fuel and time stuck in traffic or standing in line. Perhaps the biggest convenience saving to factor in is the stress I’m avoiding. Sitting on my couch is far more comfortable than standing in line.

Be Calm While Shopping

Black Friday is notorious for being a chaotic shopping day. Don’t feed into that shopping frenzy stress. Remember that it’s only a sale, and not the last one you’ll partake in. The night before the sale, put your credit cards next to your computer, then open a few web browser tabs for the stores you want to shop at first. Put your computer in sleep mode so you’ll just have to wake it up and all your browsers will still be open. Get serious and pull out that second monitor. Be calm and prepared to make the most of your Black Friday shopping spree.

Stick to a List or Limit

When shopping for higher end items, it’s far too easy to buy and spend way too much. Everything is so tempting that if I don’t actively set a budget limit, I’m guaranteed to spend more than I had planned to with all the Black Friday sales luring me in.

If you know you want only a few specific things, make a list and stick to it. This will help keep you focused so that you don’t spontaneously buy things you don’t really need or want.

Look for Coupon and Promo Codes

Ebates Canada has an extensive list of coupon and promo codes from so many of your favourite higher end stores. These codes are always being updated with the newest, most current savings. These codes can save you so much money when you apply them at checkout. Seriously, you shouldn’t be shopping online without them. This Black Friday, go to Ebates Canada to find a list of all the current and active promo and coupon codes that you can apply to your orders to get special discounts and savings, including extra discounts on higher end items. You might be able to get free shipping, or an extra discount on your entire order.

Check the Sale and Clearance Sections

When shopping for high-end items, starting in the sale section is a smart move. A lot of these items get marked down enough that they end up being priced like regular items. You never know what you’re going to find in these sections, from luxury apparel from your favorite designer to high-end home decor that’s perfect for your style.

The only thing better than a sale is combining two sales. Combine sales markdowns with Black Friday discounts to get high-end products at low prices.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates Canada

Any way to save on higher end items is always welcome, right? How about earning money back on your higher end item orders? This is possible with Ebates Canada. With Ebates Canada Cash Back, you’ll be getting paid to shop! You’ll get a percentage back of every dollar you spend on orders at stores that are featured on Ebates Canada. This Cash Back adds up so fast and can then be redeemed and used just like real cash. Make sure you earn Cash Back on every eligible online order you place, during Black Friday or any other time of year.

Use Store or Rewards Credit Cards

Use a store credit card or just a general credit card that has a rewards program when you shop for your higher end items. These items tend to be more expensive, leading to bigger orders. These big orders can help you earn rewards points on your credit card or earn cash back on a rewards card.