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WE PLAN. WE SHOP. WE DELIVER. YOU COOK. HelloFresh is a mealkit service aiming to making c ...
WE PLAN. WE SHOP. WE DELIVER. YOU COOK. HelloFresh is a mealkit service aiming to making cooking fun, easy & convenient. We create new recipes weekly with instructions designed to take about 30 mins. HelloFresh is about more than just food. This home delivery service sends you seasonal, farm-fresh ingredients so you can create chef-curated recipes right in your own home. It works like this: Each week you customize your menu from a selection of tasty and nutritious recipes created by the HelloFresh culinary team. Then, schedule your delivery with HelloFresh flexible scheduling options. You’ll only get the exact ingredients and amounts that you need to make the meals, so there’s never any wasted food or money.

Choose from three different plans like the Pronto Plan that has quick, convenient meals that are still nutritious, delicious and take less than 30 minutes to make. The Family Plan has kid-friendly meals, easy-to-follow recipes and is designed with a budget in mind without compromising nutrition or taste. The Veggie Plan has hearty vegetarian recipes with seasonal produce, hearty grains and vegetarian-friendly proteins. Whether you’re eating solo or feeding a family, HelloFresh makes it easy and affordable to stay healthy and well-fed.


Watch for HelloFresh promo codes at the HelloFresh page at Ebates.ca. You can add extra savings to your meal plans this way. Earn Cash Back from Ebates.ca when you shop through your Ebates.ca account, too. During special sale events, get HelloFresh coupons and discounts so you can eat better for less.


Know someone who would love the convenience and options of HelloFresh? Give a gift card as a gift so your loved one can get started with this healthy food home delivery service. Cooking is fun, and HelloFresh makes it easy to make gourmet meals even if you don’t have the time or experience.

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Reward : Cash Back is available for new HelloFresh customers only. Cash Back is not available on gift cards. Use of coupon/promo code not found on Ebates may void Cash Back.

Special Conditions
Get $40 off on your first box with HelloFresh!
Expires 01/01/2026