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EyeBuyDirect is the number one website for eyeglasses, offering a full-range of prescripti ...

EyeBuyDirect is the number one website for eyeglasses, offering a full-range of prescription lenses and non-prescription sunglasses. Achieve the look that suits your face best with a wide range of choices according to gender, face size, shape, rim or rimless, materials, colours, and features. Some glasses can even be customized to fit heads that are abnormally small or large if needed.

EyeBuyDirect coupon offers will save you money on your new favourite frames including rectangle, oval, square and more. Get perfect vision for less with EyeBuyDirect coupons on affordable bifocals and discount glasses for men, women and children. The best value and Cash Back at Ebates will save you money on your perfect pair of stylish frames - starting at 5 percent of the purchase price when you shop through the Ebates.ca website. That is in addition to the savings you'll receive when you use an EyeBuyDirect promo code directly from the Ebates website!

EyeBuyDirect offers regular eyeglasses in a dizzying assortment of styles to suit every possible taste or fashion sensibilities. The focus at EyeBuyDirect is on providing customers with the best possible quality in vision correction at the lowest possible prices, you won't find the fancy brand names with their corresponding price tags. Instead, you will find a nice assortment of designer quality frames without the additional dollar signs to go with them. This leaves you the option of choosing one pair to meet your corrective business needs on nearly any budget. If you choose wisely, you will often be able to purchase more than one pair of glasses.

EyeBuyDirect conducts business exclusively online and has done so since 2005. This means that you, the customer, get the frames without the pricing mark ups that are causes by the wholesalers, the distributors, and the retail shops. Instead, you purchase glasses directly from the manufacturer that doesn't go on a world tour trip of price increases before making it to your door. Remember to activate your EyeBuyDirect coupon and promo code with Ebates.ca before you buy!

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