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Cafe Britt is a gourmet coffee roaster specialized in the finest Costa Rican, Mexican, and ...

Cafe Britt is a gourmet coffee roaster specialized in the finest Costa Rican, Mexican, and Peruvian coffees. Cafe Britt also offers high quality chocolates, nuts, cookies and many other products through its online store cafebritt.com. They have hosted over 500,000 visitors at their colourful farm and coffee roast tours in Heredia, Costa Rica. Cafe Britt exhibits its products at more than 100 stores located throughout Latin America.

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Quality chocolate candy is a popular gift to give on almost any occasion. Whether you're shopping for holiday gifts, Valentine's Day presents for a sweetheart, Sweetest day gifts, or simply to celebrate various milestones in life, chocolate is an ideal gift to give and Cafe Britt offers some of the finest chocolate gifts you'll ever sink your teeth into.

In addition to gourmet chocolate, Cafe Britt offers a fine selection of nuts and sweets that include gourmet cookies, unsalted macadamia nuts, and similar snack products from a company that takes its commitment to the planet, and responsible living, seriously. This includes recycling programs at all operational facilities, energy conservation, water conservation, reforestation efforts, and a commitment to operate in a carbon neutral capacity.

Founded in 1985, Cafe Britt is an organization that is committed to providing the finest coffee and gourmet gift products to consumers without plundering the riches of the planet. If you shop with planet in mind, you'll love the feeling you get when buying products for yourself and for others from Cafe Britt. Before you load up on coffee and chocolate, remember to activate your Cafe Britt coupon and promo codes with Ebates.ca!

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